Avant-Garde Graphic T-Shirts are Taking Over High End Fashion

The world of fashion is always changing, so it’s important to follow the latest trends if you don’t want to be left behind. For the past few years, women’s Christian t-shirts have been seen to be very dated and often associated with nerds. However, recently this conception has changed drastically as the high end brands are producing graphic tees which are seen as the hottest in the fashion world right now. Many people don’t realize that top brands such as Balmain are producing graphic t-shirts that are being worn by the most fashion forward celebrities at the moment.

The graphic t-shirt has been mistreated for some time lately. Many people associated graphic t-shirts with those lame memes which were only worn by young teenagers and basement dwellers. As I mentioned above, this is still pretty much the same – that is if you are wearing meme graphic tees. Graphic tees in general are actually very fashion forward at the moment if they don’t conform to some lame internet trend. Putting it into more simple terms, avant-garde graphic tees are fashion forward while trashy graphic tees are not, and never will be.

Top cultural icons such as Jay-Z have been wearing lots of graphic t-shirts lately that have been designed by top fashion houses such as Givenchy and Balmain. The designs these t-shirts have are definitely very avant-garde featuring lots of symbolism and imagery which are reflecting of today’s pop culture. Givenchy has produced graphic t-shirts that juxtapose the innocent Bambi cartoon with dark symbolism. The t-shirt I am speaking of has been worn by top pop culture icons such as Cara Delevingne. With all of these icons wearing these graphic tees, you can bet that they are the hottest trend in fashion at the moment.

Avant-garde graphic, women clothing are very expensive to say the least. Unfortunately like most things in fashion you are paying for the brand name and the design rather than the quality. That being said, fashion houses such as Balmain are known to use top quality material for all of their products, even if it is a graphic t-shirt. Either way you can probable be rest assured that a graphic t-shirt from Balmain will fit and last much longer than a graphic t-shirt from a no-name brand that is manufactured in China.

If you’re looking to buy an avant-garde graphic t-shirt you should at least have a few hundred dollars you are willing to spend. The latest t-shirts from Yves Saint Laurent even went up to a thousand dollars in some cases. Of course, if you want to be seen as a fashion icon, you really need to be willing to spend the big bucks to be so. I personally think that the cost definitely doesn’t outweigh the positives of wearing such t-shirts.

If you end up buying these avant-garde tees you will be noticed by anyone who has an interest in fashion. If you live in a major city, especially one that is known to be heavily influenced by fashion such as Paris, be prepared to be noticed by many people for your clothing choice. When I say notice, I mean admired, as many people will see that you are very fashion forward and have good taste when it comes to choosing clothes. This kind of admiration is really great if you’re looking to impress some new people that you haven’t met before – you will make a killer first impression.

Therefore, there’s a lot of good reasons why avant-garde t-shirts are the hottest trend right now. If you want to be as iconic as people such as Jay-Z go ahead and buy one for yourself!

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